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Why Do Teachers Prefer EduBolt?

It is powerful, yet easy to use
  • Add your class, assignments and students, from CSV/Excel import, or one at a time.
  • Students securely log in and upload their files for each assignment, by web or FTP.
  • Mark assignments complete as you view the source code or run the files on our server.
  • We're also FERPA, Student Data Security & PCI DSS compliant.

Code securely on the Microsoft Azure® Cloud

Students create HTML, CSS, JS and PHP files with a syntax highlighting code editor, and will see their files run on a real web server! You can even specify a version of PHP for your class to use.

If you teach MySQL, every student can get access to their own MySQL database.

Students are better prepared for a dream career as a web developer.

EduBolt Brings Your Classroom To Life!

Create units, lessons and assignments using curriculum you already have, or customize ours:

18 HTML Lessons
  • Lesson 1. What is HTML?
  • Lesson 2. Components of a Web Page
  • Lesson 3. Basic Tags
  • Lesson 4. Code Comments for Clarification
  • Lesson 5. Headings and Hierarchy
  • Lesson 6. Nested Tags
  • Lesson 7. Content Formatting
  • Lesson 8. Font Formatting
  • Lesson 9. Emphasizing Text
  • Lesson 10. HyperLinks
  • Lesson 11. Colors
  • Lesson 12. Tables
  • Lesson 13. Advanced Tables
  • Lesson 14. Sections and Divs
  • Lesson 15. Images
  • Lesson 16. Frames
  • Lesson 17. Forms
  • Lesson 18. More Tags
18 CSS Lessons *ETA Fall 2019
  • Lesson 1. What is CSS?
  • Lesson 2. Syntax and Selectors
  • Lesson 3. Inline Styling
  • Lesson 4. Internal and External Style Sheets
  • Lesson 5. Styles Cascade
  • Lesson 6. CSS Box Model
  • Lesson 7. Colors and Backgrounds
  • Lesson 8. Opacity and Transparency
  • Lesson 9. Formatting Text, Fonts and Links
  • Lesson 10. Horizontal and Vertical Alignment
  • Lesson 11. Tables and Lists
  • Lesson 12. Height and Width
  • Lesson 13. Padding and Margins
  • Lesson 14. Borders and Outlines
  • Lesson 15. Display and Overflow Properties
  • Lesson 16. Position and Float Properties
  • Lesson 17. Forms, Inputs and Buttons
  • Lesson 18. Attribute Selectors
18 JavaScript Lessons *ETA Fall 2019
  • Lesson 1. What is JavaScript?
  • Lesson 2. Syntax and Output
  • Lesson 3. Errors and Debugging
  • Lesson 4. Data Types
  • Lesson 5. Variables and Assignments
  • Lesson 6. Strings and String Methods
  • Lesson 7. Numbers and Number Methods
  • Lesson 8. Statements and Conditions
  • Lesson 9. Math Operators and Comparisons
  • Lesson 10. Loops, Switches and Breaks
  • Lesson 11. Arrays and Array Methods
  • Lesson 12. Functions
  • Lesson 13. Data Type Conversions
  • Lesson 14. Form Validation
  • Lesson 15. Date Methods and Formats
  • Lesson 16. Objects
  • Lesson 17. Scope
  • Lesson 18. Events
19 PHP Lessons
  • Lesson 1. Hello Class!
  • Lesson 2. Variables
  • Lesson 3. Strings
  • Lesson 4. Includes
  • Lesson 5. Building a Website
  • Lesson 6. Redirects
  • Lesson 7. Breathe
  • Lesson 8. Beyond the Basics
  • Lesson 9. The IF Statement
  • Lesson 10. Expanding IF with ELSE
  • Lesson 11. Switches
  • Lesson 12. Arrays
  • Lesson 13. Loops
  • Lesson 14. Advanced Loops
  • Lesson 15. Functions
  • Lesson 16. Sessions
  • Lesson 17. Cookies
  • Lesson 18. Processing Forms
  • Lesson 19. Recap
9 MySQL & PHP Lessons
  • Lesson 1. Using MySQL
  • Lesson 2. Connecting to MySQL
  • Lesson 3. Creating a Database Table
  • Lesson 4. The Primary Key
  • Lesson 5. IF NOT EXISTS
  • Lesson 6. Inserting Rows
  • Lesson 7. Retrieving Rows
  • Lesson 8. Updating Rows
  • Lesson 9. Deleting Rows
8 UI Wireframing Lessons
  • Lesson 1. What are UI Wireframes?
  • Lesson 2. When to Prepare a Wireframe
  • Lesson 3. Wireframe Usages
  • Lesson 4. Key Considerations
  • Lesson 5. Low Fidelity Wireframes
  • Lesson 6. High Fidelity Wireframes
  • Lesson 7. To Mock-Ups and Beyond!
  • Lesson 8. Recap

Our lessons are customizable within EduBolt; Assignments are also being developed!

There's nothing extra to install on your classroom PCs. If you prefer your students upload their work using an FTP client, they can.

There's no hassling with antiquated processes, such as Network Drives or e-mailing files.

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How EduBolt Works

How EduBolt Works

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EduBolt Benefits Everyone

Career as a Web Developer
Career as a Web Developer

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Each teacher receives their own unique login, good for:

  • Managing classes, assignments and students
  • Quickly importing and exporting from CSV/Excel
  • Securely accessing student's assignment files
  • Navigate any student's MySQL database


Each student receives their own unique login, good for:

  • Accessing EduBolt to view and upload files for assignments
  • Using FTP to upload and manage files for assignments
  • Running their files on the Azure Cloud via HTTPS
  • Creating MySQL tables and storing data through queries


Use your curriculum and course syllabus to break your class out into units. Then, add all of your lessons and assignments under their unit.

Control the order lessons and assignments are shown to students.

Perfect for all classes where HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP or MySQL are being taught, regardless of the class size.


Student Data Security, FERPA & PCI DSS compliant, plus we only use SSAE16 certified datacenters for our servers.

You can securely run student's files directly on EduBolt at anytime.

Student files are only accessible on the Internet with the teacher or student's username and password - we make serious security simple.

Lessons & Assignments

Teach your students using lessons, then have them apply their newfound knowledge using assignments.

Create assignments such as "Exercise 1-1", with instructions to "Build a website", and have students submit their work for that assignment.

Students may work in EduBolt directly, or they can use any software you mandate for your class (Notepad++, Filezilla for FTP, etc.).


We're available to help, normally within 24 hours:

  • In addition to watching our training videos, customers may submit Support Requests within EduBolt directly
  • If you are not a current customer, or are locked out of your account, you may use our Contact form
  • If you prefer to email us:
  • Or, if you want to talk, reach us at (469) 826-8879

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Open Letter to All Teachers

Dear Web Design / Web Development Teacher:

My name is Thomas and long ago I graduated from Lewisville High School in Lewisville, Texas. The lessons I learned from Mr. Skiles (my high school Web Development teacher), not only took me to State and National competitions, but showed me a career path.

For over a decade, I worked for companies of all sizes as a Web Developer, Software Architect and VP of Development until I started my own company, VisorCraft. Today, my company builds meaningful solutions to small businesses through custom development, offers CPE courses to teachers and actively tries to better the world around us.

I owe what success I have had to teachers like yourself. I also know firsthand what it's like to face challenges, like a student trying to write JavaScript, HTML and PHP files with no real web server for them to run on. In some cases, the code is only ever manually reviewed by teachers and never gets executed to determine if the code functions as intended. Imagine how far your students could go with a web server they can run code on not only at school, but also from home.

Putting these pieces together, I am pleased to introduce you to EduBolt – a platform for your students to upload their files for your Web courses. Whether its HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL or simply images, EduBolt is a FERPA compliant solution which will let you and your students see their code run on a real web server. There's nothing to install, and you can use any curriculum you want with EduBolt – you simply add your assignments, and students upload their files.

I would like to thank you for the work you do, teaching students skills that can be a viable career, and invite you to try EduBolt out for 1 month (1 teacher and 5 student accounts).

Please feel free to print out and distribute the Career In Web Development document to your students, and we hope to have the opportunity to serve your classroom soon.

Thomas Whitecotton
Owner, VisorCraft

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