Computer Science Fundamentals JavaScript Course

For Middle School & High School Students

Pre-Requisites: No prior knowledge required.


In this course students will learn the basics of computer science, as well as how to write JavaScript code, perform condition checks, trigger events and much more!

Students may be taught to create and manage their files using EduBolt or via FTP. No additional software is required to be installed on any computer, unless you prefer to teach students to use an FTP client / IDE.


Computer Science

In this unit, students will learn the fundamentals of computer science, including inputs and outputs, storage, how problems can be solved using programming languages, and how to turn data into information.

Contents: 15 Lessons

Lesson Title
1 What is a Computer?
2 Welcome to the Internet
3 Cyber Security
4 Be a Responsible Netizen
5 Inputs and Outputs
6 Data Storage
7 Markdown and Markup Languages
8 Programming Languages
9 Programs Solve Problems
10 Data Structures
11 Abstraction
12 Turning Data into Information
13 Algorithms
14 Flow Charts
15 Functions and Parameters


In this unit, students will learn the basics of a JavaScript and how to integrate it onto web pages.

Contents: 21 Lessons

Lesson Title
1 What is JavaScript?
2 Syntax and Output
3 Errors and Debugging
4 Variables and Assignments
5 Data Types
6 Strings and String Methods
7 Numbers and Number Methods
8 Statements and Conditions
9 Math Operators and Comparisons
10 Loops, Switches and Breaks
11 Arrays and Array Methods
12 Functions
13 Data Type Conversions
14 Form Validation
15 Date Methods and Formats
16 Objects
17 Scope
18 Events
20 Regular Expressions
21 Hoisting

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