Fundamentals of JavaScript

TEA Approved  15hr CPE Course

For Web Design Teachers, available 24/7, self-paced

Pre-Requisites: HTML & basic JavaScript knowledge required.


It is important to understand the basic fundamentals of JavaScript to see the broad picture of how it can be applied in real world applications. From declaring variables to creating and calling functions, this course you will learn how to create and interact with forms and how to use various form field attributes. Using object-oriented JavaScript you will be able to retrieve form field values and interact with the DOM. You will also learn about arrays, control structures, custom windows and canvas graphics. The course is broken down into two units, with two critical thinking assessments due at the end of the first unit and one critical thinking assessment due at the end of second unit.

Participants will have an account created in EduBolt, which will be used for all coursework. Participating teachers will be expected to complete all 9 lessons and the three assessments. Detailed lessons and examples, as well as video guidance, are provided.

Contents: 9 Lessons & 3 Assessments

Unit Contents
1 Lessons 1-5, Critical Thinking Assessments 1 & 2
2 Lessons 6-9, Critical Thinking Assessment 3

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