Fundamentals of PHP 7 & MySQL

TEA Approved  20hr CPE Course

For Web Development Teachers, available 24/7, self-paced

Pre-Requisites: HTML & basic PHP knowledge required.


In this course, you will learn how to create scripts using PHP which contain variables, functions, and control and repetition statements. You will also learn how to use a MySQL database, perform file handling and string manipulation, as well how to utilize cookies and sessions. The course is broken down into two units, with one critical thinking assessment due at the end of each unit. Detailed lessons and examples, as well as video guidance, are provided. A simple case study project must also be completed.

Participants will have an account created in EduBolt, which will be used for all coursework. Participating teachers will be expected to complete all 9 lessons, both assessments and a case study project requiring the creation of a database driven website.

Contents: 9 Lessons, 2 Assessments & 1 Case Study Project

Unit Contents
1 Lessons 1-5, Critical Thinking Assessment 1
2 Lessons 6-9, Critical Thinking Assessment 2
Case Study Project Assume you work for an insurance company and would like to allow your insured policy holders to easily keep track of their belongings. You must create a MySQL database and website layout from scratch, as well as the form to add belongings into the system. The form should contain fields for the items' name, original purchase price, date of purchase, and allow the upload of a receipt. The website should display the belongings that have been entered, and provide the ability to edit and remove them.

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