Web Design Fundamentals Course

For Middle School & High School Students

Pre-Requisites: No prior knowledge required.


In this course students will learn how to create web pages using HTML, how to style elements using CSS, and how to create User Interface wireframes.

Students may be taught to create and manage their files using EduBolt or via FTP. No additional software is required to be installed on any computer, unless you prefer to teach students to use an FTP client / IDE.



In this unit, students will learn the basics of a web page.

Contents: 18 Lessons & 16 Assignments

Lesson Title
1 What is HTML?
2 Components of a Web Page
3 Basic Tags
4 Code Comments for Clarification
5 Headings and Hierarchy
6 Nested Tags
7 Content Formatting
8 Font Formatting
9 Emphasizing Text
10 HyperLinks
11 Colors
12 Tables
13 Advanced TAbles
14 Sections and Divs
15 Images
16 Frames
17 Forms
18 More Tags


In this unit, students will learn the basics of cascading style sheets.

Contents: 18 Lessons

Lesson Title
1 What is CSS?
2 Syntax and Selectors
3 Inline Styling
4 Internal and External Style Sheets
5 Styles Cascade
6 CSS Box Model
7 Colors and Backgrounds
8 Opacity and Transparency
9 Formatting Text, Fonts and Links
10 Horizontal and Vertical Alignment
11 Tables and Lists
12 Height and Width
13 Padding and Margins
14 Borders and Outlines
15 Display and Overflow Properties
16 Position and Float Properties
17 Forms, Inputs and Buttons
18 Attribute Selectors

UI Wireframing

In this unit, students will learn the basics of User Interface (UI) Wireframing.

Contents: 8 Lessons & 8 Assignments

Lesson Title
1 What are UI Wireframes?
2 When to Prepare a Wireframe
3 Wireframe Usages
4 Key Considerations
5 Low Fidelity Wireframes
6 High Fidelity Wireframes
7 To Mock-Ups and Beyond!
8 Recap

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