Web Development Fundamentals Course

For Middle School & High School Students

Pre-Requisites: No prior knowledge required.


In this course students will learn how to create web pages using HTML, how to style elements using CSS, and how to create User Interface wireframes.

Students may be taught to create and manage their files using EduBolt or via FTP. No additional software is required to be installed on any computer, unless you prefer to teach students to use an FTP client / IDE.



In this unit, students will learn the incredibly powerful, yet easy to use, PHP programming language.

Contents: 19 Lessons & 19 Assignments

Lesson Title
1 Hello Class!
2 Variables
3 Strings
4 Includes
5 Building a Website
6 Redirects
7 Breathe
8 Beyond the Basics
9 The IF Statement
10 Expanding IF with ELSE
11 Switches
12 Arrays
13 Loops
14 Advanced Loops
15 Functions
16 Sessions
17 Cookies
18 Processing Forms
19 Recap


In this unit, students will learn the basics of the MySQL relational database management system (RDBMS).

Contents: 9 Lessons & 9 Assignments

Lesson Title
1 Using MySQL
2 Connecting to MySQL
3 Creating a Database Table
4 The Primary Key
6 Inserting Rows
7 Retrieving Rows
8 Updating Rows
9 Deleting Rows

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